November 13, 2017

BLANQI Maternity Clothing + Interview

**campaign shot for BLANQI with photographer Brit Jacox. do not use without permission.**

I must say, the pregnancy phase of being constantly uncomfortable and not having enough things to wear have finally set in. Its hard for me to feel good wearing something when I can't button any of my favorite pants! And lets be honest, being a mom of 4 littles while carrying a bun in the oven makes a simple task of getting dressed and feeling put together feel like a chore sometimes. BUT these amazinggg maternity leggings from BLANQI have sure saved me from the drudge of figuring out the right outfit. They've been my go to pair for almost any occasion. The softness and flexibility and breathe room they give are almost too perfect. I've tried my fair share of leggings over time and in all honesty these have been my favorite. 

A few weeks back I did an interview with BLANQI about life behind the scenes here and how I manage business and being mom. I certainly don't have all the answers, but getting to share a glimpse of our life was fun. Hopefully it gives some other mamas out there some inspiration and insight into our craziness.

 Read the full interview here. 

October 30, 2017

Wonderland Halloween

These might be my favorite costume I've put together for the girls yet! The idea came to me earlier this year when we visited Disneyland. Raleigh kept saying her favorite ride was the teacups, although she hadn't even been on it yet, haha, maybe something about the spinning cups and colors she liked so much!?!... I dunno...But I went with the idea and thought how adorable she'd look as a little Alice. Plus, how cute would the twins be dressed up as the Tweedle TWINS! 

I searched all over for the perfect "Alice" dress that could of course be worn again over and over and this one from Alice & Ames in blue made for the perfect fit. I added a little collar to it to fit the look and used the apron my grandma made for my life size Raggidy Anne doll I had when I was little. How sweet is it that it fits my 4 year old daughter now!?! which also probably makes it my favorite part of the whole piece. I wasn't sure how the twins would take the idea when I asked if they wanted to be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, but once they saw the dresses I had picked out for them on Etsy to make the costume a little more feminine they were all in! Sage still just goes with whatever I say she's gonna wear, so she makes it pretty easy. And hearing her say "I gon be wabbit" in excitement made it that much cuter on her! 

Since the girls were little we have always spent Halloween somewhere around Southern California. Each year we travel around Phoenix and So Cal with my husband as he leads a basketball tour with our ministry, Identity Hoops International. Since we never know what our Halloween night will look like I still love to keep the tradition of dressing up a fun fall activity for our family. The girls couldn't wait to see what they looked like in their costumes, so I geared them all up for a little photo shoot one night last week before we headed to a local fall festival. They were so giddy and excited to wear it around town, which is what I love to watch most as they get dressed up. I had hopes for me and Shane dressing up with them, which I always love to do, but with a nearly 6 month pregnant belly and a handful of other things to get done I couldn't quite pull it off for us this year. BUT I have high hopes for our ensembles next year, especially since we'll have another little one in tow! Until then, hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween. 

Girls outfits:
Raleigh "Alice in Wonderland"- dress: Alice&Ames // shoes & tights: Target// headband: handmade//
apron: vintage 
Joci & Jaelynn "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum"- jumpers: Etsy// shirts: Zara kids// hair clips & neck ties: handmade
Sage "White Rabbit"- shirt: Target// sweater: Zara Kids// leggings: Zara Kids
Kitten & Backyard courtesy of my sister in law ;)

October 25, 2017

3 Things I Love About the Changing Seasons

I LOVE this time of year (minus the grueling hot temps we're still experiencing). We took our little family trip to the pumpkin patch at Schnepf Farms last week in search of a little  fall. Turns out it was still 90+ degrees that day, but it was still a sweet memory nonetheless. Once October hits, there are lots of things I love about this season as it starts to change. Here are a few that stick out to me the most...


The change the season gives seems to bring on a whole new feeling of ideas and inspiration for me each year. From the colors of changing leaves or the new scent of a fall candle. I think that with each changing season its gives us a chance to make it a bit better than the last. Maybe its the hot summer days here in Phoenix, but somewhere in the middle of August I start to feel stagnant in my creativity. I get that itch pretty crazy to start doing something new, or travel somewhere new, or just to start getting out of the house. I love the newness the fall season brings, even though everything dies off in the fall/winter, there's a newness to it that says its time for a change, time to start over and create something fresh again and I love how it inspires and gives hope for something better. 


If you've been following me for a bit (or any amount of time really) its no secret how the heat really gets to me! Growing up a California girl I never really thought this would be an issue for me living in Arizona, but somehow the older I've gotten the more I look forward to those cooler days. Plus my favorite kind of wardrobe is full of comfy jeans, layered tops and the perfect pair of boots. I'd much rather be snuggled up next to a fire with a cozy sweater sipping a hot drink than drenching in sweat under the beating sun. But as much as the heat of the AZ desert gets to me, there's nothing that beats it's cool winter days and nights. Perfect weather right there if you ask me!


I love getting into the start of the holidays, the crispy cool nights, and the start of traditions we look forward to all year long. Of course, there's little traditions that happen throughout the whole year, but this time of year seems to highlight all the best ones. Since having kids the idea of traditions has become one of the most important things I want to give my kids as we grow our family up. I think it brings a sense of unity and stability to a childhood. It gives us something to look forward to, something we can create new memories with each year even as we do that same something each year around. I've loved looking back on my childhood thinking of the few traditions we did as a family and having that feeling of nostalgia and a sweet memory to think back on as I grew up. 

Our trip to Schnepf farms started last year and was one we wanted to try and stick to as long as we still enjoy it as a family. The farm is full of things to do and the girls couldn't get over all the big pumpkins they could carry. We played hide and seek through the corn maze together and the girls thought it was the best thing! Their giggles were priceless. We rode rides, visited the animals and did a looooot of bouncing on the giant trampolines!

This time of year we also gear up for a big road trip as we travel around with my husbands basketball tour that he leads here in Phoenix and in SoCal. So getting back to the beach and things I love to do around Cali is something I look forward to with our kids each year too. I'll be documenting our trip a bit better this year, too, letting you into another side of how our family does life. Until then, I've gotta start packing and thinking about how to entertain 4 toddlers on a 7 hour road trip! EEK! 
Prayers are greatly appreciated :)