November 27, 2013

Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is up for sale! You can purchase it here.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I can't wait to celebrate our first holiday with our little one. I wanted to create something special this holiday season that could be remembered and used throughout the years as not only a cute decoration but something that could also be turned into a family tradition. Now that our little family is growing I can't help but think of all the traditions and memories I want to create with my children. The countdown until Christmas is always so exciting when you're a kid. I remember opening the tiny doors on our advent box to be rewarded with a piece of chocolate inside. As I thought about how I wanted to create this I wanted to incorporate the real Christmas story leading up to December 25th. Each card has an illustration on the front that I created and the back is designed with a scripture done in my hand lettering. I decided to take the calendar through the entire Christmas story and this was probably my favorite part in creating the whole thing. Such a sweet thing to read through these passages again and realize the depth to them. I think now as a mother I understand them in a whole new light on so many levels.

I hope you can enjoy these little cards I've created and start your own traditions with your family using them too. 


  1. Beautiful! I found your website through Pinterest (the wedding calligraphy personalized journals). Everything here is so beautiful! I wish I could buy the advent calendar, but I don't see it on Etsy any more. --> :(

    Great job! Michelle |

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I've had a few requests for the advent calendar recently so I just reposted it in my shop. You can click the "shop" link at the top of my site to go to it. Thank you!