June 3, 2014

Paquime Hand lettered Menus

There's a new restaurant in town and its got my hand writing all over it! I'm excited to share with you the finished menus I worked on a few weeks ago for this delicious new place, Paquime Street Food of Mexico. Over the course of 3 late nights all between the hours of 9pm and 2am, I slaved away at getting these menus up and ready for customers to read the next day as they came to enjoy a meal. Minus the late nights and being 6 months pregnant while doing them, it was so fun to be able to create something clean and simple and have the creative freedom to put something up that would be seen as one of the main focal points in the store. If you're a Phoenix local, I highly recommend this place. I'm a sucker for Mexican food any time so maybe I'm biased, but their street style food is amazing! Fast food with a twist of upscale class as they serve their flavorful meals on pretty white porcelain for an impressive presentation. Not only is they're food delicious and atmosphere comfortable and inviting, but the owners are as friendly and welcoming as they come. Getting to know them through the process was one of my favorite parts as I worked for them. So stop by soon for your next meal or whenever you're craving a new mouth-watering treat!

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