February 3, 2015

4/52- Climbing

We got out of the house the other day. We went to a restaurant in the city and Raleigh loved running around the place like she owned it. Every discovery came with an excited scream for her. Climbing is her new thing right now. She climbs on just about everything, including her sisters. I'm not sure how many times I've had to say "Raleigh, don't sit/stand/jump on your sister" in the last week! Even as I'm typing this she's climbing up the side of my chair to get a better view of what I'm doing. She's adventurous but very cautious in everything she tries, something I think she got from me. We had been cooped up for a couple days in a row and it was as if Raleigh had never been outside before. So it was pretty exciting to try something new in climbing up those big stairs. The weather here is freeeeezing and snowy and gloomy most days so it doesn't make going out that much fun at times. Already looking forward to those warm, sunny days ahead.

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