February 21, 2015

6/52- Bath Time

I'm catching up on this portrait project of my girls with two posts this week. These sweet little captures I snapped this week I took at different times of our day. 

That intent stare Jocilynn has on her face is how I find her most of the time. I don't even know she's staring at me when I look down and see her eyes locked in on mine like they've been watching me for hours. Its as though she's watching me so closely so she can study my every move. Her sweet blue eyes melt my heart when I look at her. The second I turn away or walk out of the room they quickly fill with tears as if I'm leaving her forever. As heart breaking as it is to hear a baby cry that hard, its one of my favorite things right now. It's a way of knowing that this girl really does love me and that I mean something to her. She looks at me like there's nothing else in the room and its the sweetest thing. I think she's a mama's girl for sure. 

Jaelynn usually has a look about her that says she's curious about something. Her smile comes only after she's looked at you and figured you out for a good minute or so. And when that smile comes, its the brightest thing in the room. She's got a content and calm spirit about her, but when her twin sister is riled up and crying then she's quick to join in with her. I tell myself its her way of sympathizing with her sister, although two crying babies isn't exactly music to my ears. Good thing she's so dang cute!

Raleigh is bursting with new character and personality by the minute. Every day seems like she's gained a new trait thats showing us more of who she is and how fun and sweet she's becoming. Bath time (or "baff dee" as she calls it) is a favorite for her. Our routine for getting in the tub usually consists of me singing a made up bath time song as she follows me dancing her way to the tub. She splashes and screams like playing in the water is the best thing in the world. Never a dull moment with that girl. 

I look at these faces and can't help but feel overwhelmed with thankfulness that I get to call them mine. 

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