May 7, 2015

16/52- Morning

We spent las week in Holland visiting family from my mom's side and exploring the place she was born. I'm eager to share more about our trip and all that I was inspired by and processed by being there. 

These picture of the girls were from one morning a few days before we packed up to leave. Fresh out of bed, still in jammies with messy hair. Once we're done feeing the twins, I start making breakfast for the rest of us and usually within a few minutes all three girls are in different places of the apartment playing and into something new. It always makes me laugh when I find them discovering a shoe, or a piece of paper, or climbing up and down a chair and watching how much it entertains them. Our days in Germany are coming to an end and the anticipation of home is getting me more and more excited, but looking through these photos and seeing how much these girls have grown up here is just reminding me how much I'm going to miss this place when we're gone. 

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