October 29, 2015

Chalkboard Art at Sauce Restaurant

A new restaurant has opened up in town and its got my artwork all over it. If you're a Phoenix local you've probably heard of or been to the former Fox restaurant called Sauce Pizza & Wine. Since being under new ownership the restaurant is revamping its look and opening up more eateries all across town. I was so honored to be asked to design and create the central art work for the new place opening up on Camelback and Central. I decided to create a retro-type mural to match the overall theme of the place. I wanted the whole look to be cohesive and flow together as I thought of designing on three different pieces. I brought in parts of Phoenix that most are familiar with when they think of the city- red looking mountains, downtown buildings and light rail, and of course the beautiful desert floral and cacti. I also wanted to incorporate some of my hand lettering in with it and immediately the words "gather, eat, repeat" came to mind as I thought of being in a restaurant. It was so fun to be able to do something I've never really done before and be pushed out of my comfort zone a little bit. I was so happy with how it turned out and so honored to be the first featured artist for them. And it can't go without saying that the food they serve is to die for! They are now open for business so if any of you out there are in the mood for some good pizza (and broccoli mac and cheese), this place has got to be top on your list! 

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