April 13, 2017

Painting Eggs With Toddlers

I still haven't pulled the trigger on doing the egg dyeing thing with the girls yet. The thought of it just makes me stress out from imagining the mess! haha. So the past couple years I've set out to find a way to decorate eggs the easy way. Last year's project was drawing with chalk all over black chalkboard eggs. This year, the dollar section at Target saved the day with the perfect wooden eggs and metallic watercolor paint in the craft section! 

The girls have been more into painting lately, which is so fun for me not only because they seem to be following in their mama's footsteps, but also because it can entertain them for long stretches of time (win!). I love the excuse of a holiday to come up with a fun craft to do with them, but the funnest part for me is teaching them the real reason why we celebrate the holiday in the first place. I love how their brains are curious about the stories and how they communicate it back in the silliest ways. Their ages might be my favorite so far as they continue to take in and understand more and more. 

So if any of you have some fun ideas I can keep in my back pocket for next year, please let me know! How have you done egg decorating with your toddlers? Do you have any family traditions you do for Easter? Share some with me in the comments below!

Hope your Easter weekend is a sweet one!

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