May 15, 2017

Dear Daughters (April)

How is it already MAY!!?! I'm slacking on getting these posts in before the month is over, but welcome to my life of raising 4 littles. The day I took these photos we spent it playing at the Children's museum together before our annual pass ran out. Its been one of my favorite things that we've gotten to do as a family this past year, watching them explore and learn and thrive in playfulness being there. Definitely well worth the money and something I'd recommend for you mamas with little ones. I'm already missing it.

Dear Raleigh, 

You have grown up more than I'd like to admit this past month. You wake up in the morning and its like you changed over night. As much as I don't want to think about you getting older, I must admit it brings me the most joy to see who you you are becoming. You gave me the sweetest birthday spending it with you and your sisters at the museum, playing. laughing and watching you be you! You  have the best sense of finding fun in anything you're doing and I love being a part of any fun you're having. You are the greatest gift I could ever want. 

  Dear Jocilynn, 

I've seen your maturity start to come through this month. Its so hard for you to let go of the littlest things you get your mind wrapped around, but you're learning to see whats more important in the moment like treating others with kindness or giving your sisters a chance to enjoy something too. Its been a battle for us for sure, but I see how much you're choosing to trust me and your daddy in learning these things and it makes my heart ache with pride and adoration for you. You are teaching me so much through this and I see how incredible you are becoming in your strong-willed, sensitive and sweet personality. I love watching you. 

Dear Jaelynn, 

Oh sweet Jaelynn! I didn't think your smile could get any brighter, but somehow it has. Your laughter and joy are a contagious gift to anyone thats around you. You are learning so much and try to help others learn it with you. This month I've seen so much of how the things that used to be such a fight for us are diminishing because of how much you're growing up. Like learning to use your words gently and kindly and using the "dramatic" side of you for fun instead of trying to get your way. I can tell already how much of a little leader you are. People are naturally drawn to you. I'm constantly becoming better because of you and I will choose to learn from you and follow your example all of my days.

Dear Sage, 

My Sagey-girl. Watching you this month has been the greatest delight. Now that you're keeping up with your sisters on foot, there's no stopping you. It's already so evident how much you love to have fun and play and make others laugh. You admire your sisters with the sweetest adoration, mimicking their moves, or "singing" along with them. You make us want to have more and more kids! You bring so much laughter and silliness and play to our days, I can't imagine not having a fourth girl in the mix of things. You're a perfect fit in every way and I love you more than I can say. 

I love you all more than life itself. 

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