November 6, 2019

Baby Essentials: What I've Used and Loved

With baby number 6 on the way any day now the pain of finding comfortable things to wear on a daily basis has fully set in. It's hard for me to make big purchases on maternity clothes because I know I will be wearing it for only a short amount of time, but for those days where I know I need something to fit into I try to find things I'll be able to wear after baby too.

Pink Blush has been my recent go to for finding comfy items. Both of these photos I'm wearing tops I snagged on their website. I love the way they feel and comfortability they give me in these last days of being big--looking forward to wearing them more and more post baby too :)

Along with talking about maternity clothes and where I like to shop for them, I also get asked a lot about my favorite go to baby items. Since we've done this 6 times now, I compiled a list of what I've used over the years and what's worked best for us. I'll say up front that we are pretty simple when it comes to newborns. We don't need "all the things" the world might make it seem like you need and I've found that the less you have it's actually way better in the long run. Babies don't know much different anyways, in my opinion :) 

Swaddles- I looove a good baby swaddle. One that's breathable and soft and good for getting those babies tightly wrapped for all the snuggles. I have a handful from the brand Aiden and Anais and I've found that the more it gets washed, the softer they become. I still have some from when my girls were babies! Other brands I love for these, KB Cute Designs (this one is my favorite!), Mebie baby, Rylee and Cru

Bassinet- We've been gifted with a bassinet from a dear friend of ours since our first was a baby. It's a vintage bassinet that all of our kids, and their cousins have slept in as babies, so it's kind of been a family heirloom even though its not technically ours :) BUT a bassinet by the bed is a must for those middle of the night feedings. Here are some other great finds for baby by your side: Doc a Tot, Snuggle Me Organic

Clothes- My babies have all pretty much lived in onesies there first six months of life. One, because they grow so fast and two with living in Phoenix its easy to keep them warm here :) I don't splurge a lot on pieces that I know they'll outgrow so fast so I like to buy things I know they can get a long life out of. So with that said these are some of my favorites to shop for newborn essentials.
Burts Bees Baby, Quincy Mae (cutest, softest organic basics for babes--I've loved everything I've gotten from here,) Zara kids (really any and all things from here for kids I LOVE, the prices are pretty reasonable too!)

Baby carriers/slings- I've used a few different ones and I've found a benefit to each of this Ergo for when we were traveling a lot when the twins were babies or whenever we're at an amusement park or something like that with a newborn. They're great and durable and can hold essentials you might need on hand.
Wild bird ring slings have been a favorite for around the house or somewhere I'm not going to wear baby for a long time.
Sakurabloom ring slings I also love, but my all time favorite is their Scout carrier. I have this one with leather straps.  Not only is it stylish, its totally comfortable and holds everything in in all the right places. Love that I can use it for a long time while baby grows!

Pacifiers- We've always used these ones by Nuk, but I'm eyeing these for the new babe to try...and also...paci clips--life saver! Not sure why it took me so long to get some of these but they'll seriously save so much time and headaches hunting down pacis! :)

Diaper bag- We currently have a bag from whirlwind bags that I have LOVED for the past 2 years. It has still held up all this time almost like its brand new. Seriously no breaks or rips after 2 years of daily usage.  Another I've been eyeing is bodomint's bags. I like to find things that Shane would wear too and not feel like its too "girly" or "diaper bag-ish-- if that makes sense! haha

Crib- We currently have this one in Dash's room from Ashley home and its been great! We have another that is antique style was gifted to us from a friend when Raleigh was born and all of my kids have slept in it, so new baby will get that crib when they're ready to move into it.

Favorite Books- There's sooo many sweet kids books out there! I tend to always want to get the ones with the really good illustrations and meaningful stories behind them and these ones have been my favroite by far--and have maybe even made me teary eyed sometiems! :)
Anything by Nancy Tilman, Bear Series, Guess How Much I Love You

Favorite diapers- I partnered with this company last year Abby and Finn and reeeeally loved their diapers. I'm not picky usually, but when I tried theirs I saw what I was missing out on. Plus they deliver and you can use their subscription option to deliver when you need so you never have to make those midnight runs to the store when you realize you're out and your little one just exploded (not like that's happened to us before or anythingggg...!!!)

I also have an Amazon store front that you can check out here for a few other things I've added to my list that I use and love. If there's anything I missed you want to know about feel free to reach out and ask!

Now hopefully getting this post up means baby will make its debut now!

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