September 10, 2012

Hello World!

Hello world, Coley Kuyper here and I'm finally doing it...entering the world via the web in hopes that just one person out there will take a liking to what I have to offer and be inspired in some way. I've been an artist since the day I was born and this season of life has brought me to a place of freedom to explore where this talent I've been given could take me. 2013 is the year of taking risks! At least thats what I said the night of New Years Eve. Now that its a few weeks into the new year I find myself wanting to take back that little "new years resolution" that came spilling out of my mouth. But I've been reminded lately that there are too many people around me that love me and are for me in this dream of mine that they won't let me back off, and honestly I'm pretty thankful for that. So here I am writing the first ever entry to this little blog I got going and I'm taking it one step at a time. I have lots of dreams and hopes and passions that have been brewing up in my tiny head for a while now, so here's to the first step! Hope you can join along in the journey! Adventure awaits!

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