May 15, 2013

Pushing Daisies Bridal Shower

It's been quiet around this blog lately, I know. Partly due to the amount of projects and entertaining I've been keeping up with the last month and partly because I'm still learning how to balance being consistent with this blog. I'm getting there, I think. Anyways, my sister got married last weekend, but I'm just now getting around to showing you her bridal shower invitations I created! Putting together her shower was a lot of fun. She based her wedding loosely on the theme of one of her favorite TV shows, "Pushing Daisies", so I decided to make the shower go along with that same theme. Lots of bright colors, yummy pies, and of course daisies. All of which are some of her favorite things. It was so fun to dream up with the rest of her bridesmaids and run wild with making this come to life. I especially loved designing the invitations where I custom made a "pie hole" insert for people to write down and give her their favorite pie recipes. The day was bright and beautiful with all of her favorite people gathered around. We loved being there for her, encouraging her and affirming her as she enters into this new journey. It's hard to believe my little sister is now married, but its so exciting at the same time. Being married is by far my favorite thing and I'm so thrilled that she is going to get to experience all the joy, challenges, and growth of it too.


  1. I adore these! Especially the honeycomb background pattern. What a lovely design inspiration!!

    1. Thank you so much! So fun to hear that you liked the details :)