May 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Have you ever heard of Airbnb? Instead of booking your next vacation stay at an expensive hotel, they offer ways to find cheaper lodging inside the homes of locals. A perfect way to save money and make new friends as you travel! My in laws house is one of the places you can book your stay the next time you find yourself in the Phoenix area. A while ago they redid their guest bedroom with the thought of welcoming world travelers in mind. So my mother-in-law asked me to paint something they could hang in this lovely place of stay. We researched quotes all over. She wanted people to feel like their time spent there was welcoming and relaxing, a time others could rest and simply be in the moment of the day. Which is exactly what you should do while traveling, right!? With that in mind we landed on this Winnie the Pooh quote. Simple and sweet, yet also means so much. It's so hard in our world today to take the time to just be here today. I am constantly thinking of tasks I need to get done and deadlines I need to finish things by. I loved painting this. It reminded and still reminds me as I look at it, to take each day one moment at a time, letting today just be. I think that as I create a habit of doing that I will find myself enjoying the day and the things that come with it much much more. Funny how it works like that, huh! I think the painting did give the perfect touch to the room, for decorating purposes, of course. But with or without it hanging there, I can assure you that the minute you walk into this home pictured above, you will experience nothing but the most loving, relaxing, and restful time. And that is solely because of the people who live there and who have created the environment that comes with all the other pretty things. I'm pretty sure I waaay lucked out when I married into this family and ya, I'll brag about that. 

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