June 19, 2013

Adventure Journals

I love to journal. It's safe to say, I'm a journaler. I've been writing things down since I was in high school. All kinds of things. Thoughts, prayers, ideas, memories, feelings, doodles, you name it. I recently started one for our little babe that's on the way, writing down all the things I've experienced so far in being pregnant and sharing things that I'm excited about in getting to welcome our little one to the world soon. I think of it as kinda like my mark on the world, a tangible way to leave my legacy here on this earth when I'm long gone, even if the only one that ever read them was me. (I sometimes dream that my great grand children will someday stumble upon an old raggedy box full of my dusty journals from over the years and read through them, learning from my life and learning to love the God I serve. I picture them reading them to each other, laughing at things I said, crying at parts that connect with their stories,  and sharing in the adventure as they read through the torn, brown pages...but that's just me). I love looking back on journals past and realizing how far I've come, how much I've grown as a person and seeing the ways God has been in the midst of it all along, answering prayers when He knew I'd only be able to see it in hindsight. 

I made these journals to share so that you may write down the happenings of where your own life's adventure takes you. They're available now in my Etsy shop for purchase. I'd even love to make a custom one for you, just give me an idea and shoot me an email!

Adventure is out there!

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