August 9, 2013

Dreaming Big & A Giveaway! (closed)

"Dream Big!" Those two little words I see and hear so often. And I fully agree with the quote. Dreaming and desiring is part of our nature. We are meant to dream about things that make us come alive and pursue the passions that stir up in our hearts. Its sad to say that too often people give up on this and kill a part of themselves that was meant to be lived out. I'd say I'm a big dreamer, I have passions and desires that come daily and the excitement runs wild as I think of what they can become. The hardest part for me sometimes is the execution of making those dreams a reality. For example, one of my passions (as you can assume) has always been in the realm of art and establishing myself as a freelance artist. Anything that has to do with picking up a pen or paintbrush and creating what my brain has come up with gives me delight. When I entered college I knew right away that art would be the thing I would delve into. People would ask me what I want to do with my art and my answer would always be "I'm not sure yet", although secretly I had many things in mind that I dreamt of doing. I guess it was fear that crept in when it would come to answering that question...the fear of "what if people think its a stupid idea", the fear that artists usually struggle to make ends meet, the fear that people wouldn't take me seriously as a "professional" or think that this isn't a "real job." I've fought those battles many times since entering college and even to this day those fears still creep in from time to time. But now... I'm actually doing it...going after my dreams, pursuing the freelance artist's world of creating on a daily basis and trying not to let my fears stop me from that. The fact that I'm doing this now has a lot to do with the encouragement of my husband and him seeing the best in me when I couldn't see it for myself. Him telling me that I CAN do this, I am MADE to do this and believing in me when I don't think I'm good enough. And I've actually found that in the pursuit of dreaming big and figuring out what this all looks like, those fears slowly start to become smaller. Of course, they're still lingering in the background, but the point is that I'm going after my big dreams. I know that at the end of the day I wouldn't want to be doing anything else, even through all the ups and downs and sometimes failures in it, this is what I was created for. 

I think the thing that helps the most in this is having others surround me as I figure it out, telling me they believe in me and reminding me that they see my dreams too. I think its easy to fall into discouragement when I see all the crazy talent thats out there and I wonder what it is that I have to offer to the world, but the truth that I need to hold onto in seeing others pursuing their own dreams is that I'm not alone in this... and that's what gives me hope. Chances are, they've probably felt, at some point, a tinge of what I've felt too. Its fun and hard and scary and exciting...and for me, that's the beauty of what makes every ounce of dreaming big worth it! 

G I V E A W A Y:

Here's a little something that I hope brightens your day and encourages you to dream big too. I decided to put up a little giveaway through my Instagram that will go throughout the weekend. A lucky winner will win this original watercolor piece I created (pictured above) AND one of my adventure journals of your choice! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram (if you don't already), like the photo and leave a comment. 

For an extra entry into the pot, repost and share the photo with your friends and link back to me so I know you did.
Simple as that! Good luck!

W I N N E R:
Congrats Erin Crosby on winning! 
Thank you so much to everyone to who participated in this giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

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