January 19, 2015

2/52- Downtown

I probably went overboard with these pictures but I just couldn't decide. This was a day last week we all went downtown. The city center is about a 10 minute walk from our apartment so walking around here has become a little family outing we do almost once a week. It helps that the neighborhood is pretty fun to look at too. Raleigh greeted almost every one we passed by, stopping and waving at them until they waved back. I think she's gonna be quite the social butterfly. 

The twins let me take a picture of them this week and somewhat cooperated. The crying faces you see up there show you what usually is going on around here. They usually don't last too long being content on their own. I think they get bored pretty quickly and I would too if I wasn't able to move around on my own. Hopefully (I'm praying) that once they figure out how to crawl and scoot a little more, they'll be much happier. But then again that may just send us into a whole other world of chaos chasing them around every where! I've been noticing lately that when I put the two of them next to each other, at some point Jaelynn manages to touch Jocilynn. I tell myself its because she's wanting to just know where Jocilynn is at all times for comfort. If its true or not its sweet to watch them starting to interact with each other. I dream of how their relationship will grow and mature over the years and just thinking about it makes me tear up to know these three will have each other. I'm pretty proud to be their mama!

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