January 16, 2015

1/52- First Snow

I've decided to try something this year. In hopes to become a little better with my camera and scratch the creative itch I get so often, I'm going to document my girls once a week throughout the year. I've been inspired by others I've seen do this project and it was so fun to follow along and watch how their photographs got better as well as watching their little ones grow up. I managed to get some photos of Raleigh the first week of the year, but the twins weren't havin' it. That may be the case more often than not, so I'll just get what I can. 

These pictures were taken the day after Christmas when we had our first snow here in Germany. Raleigh wasn't so sure of the snow at first. Being a resident of Phoenix doesn't prepare you too much for this white stuff I guess. She did enjoy running around next to it as I chased her down the side walk. One of her favorite things to do right now is be chased and laugh hysterically until we catch her.  Her laughter is pretty contagious. She's growing into a pretty funny girl. Its so fun to watch the new things that she does every day that seem to come out of no where. We are pretty in love with her. I know Raleigh probably won't remember these days of living in Germany very much, which is part of the motivation for doing this photo project, but I hope somewhere along the way its shaping her to be an adventurer wherever she goes. I hope someday we can look at these pictures as I reminisce with her about how we explored the little town we lived in and tell her stories of this adventure we're living right now. I hope she can look back with me someday and see how crazy this season of life was for us and know that it didn't stop us from living (even at times when we felt utterly defeated). It does feel pretty crazy that we're here doing this, but I know at the end of the day I wouldn't want to be anywhere or doing anything else. 

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