February 27, 2015

7/52- Love

I took these on Valentines Day last week. Shane and I celebrated with a trip to a nearby town that we love. We walked around, drank coffee, and had dinner. It was simple and perfect. While we were out we decided to get the girls some outfits for the day and I couldn't way to get some photos of them. I was pleasantly surprised that all three girls, for the most part, all cooperated and let me get these snapshots of them together. At 17 months and 7 months old, these sisters are already loving each other so sweetly. Raleigh loves to play with her baby sisters, trying to pick them up, making silly faces in front of them and speaking a language to them only she understands. Its so fun to notice the ways they are showing how they love even at such a young age. Raleigh has learned how to give kisses and hugs when she chooses to and its my favorite thing when she comes from across the room with her lips perked out in a goofy way just to give me a kiss. Jocilynn loves to reach out and grab my face when I'm holding her. She's always trying to touch me when she stares at me. Almost as if to make sure I'm paying attention to her just as much as she's paying attention to me. Jaelynn is a big time cuddler. She's perfectly content sitting in my lap snuggled up next to me and usually maneuvers herself in a way that makes her snuggle as close as possible. I think she gets it from her mama. I love witnessing the ways they love. The ways their personalities are coming through and showing me who they are. As tough as it is most times with managing all three at once, they endlessly bring a smile to my face as I'm watching them grow up. The word "love" just seems insufficient sometimes for how I feel about them. 

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