March 9, 2015

8/52- Cribs

I think I'm way behind on what week it is for this 52 project. Its hard enough for me to just remember what day it is, let alone the week I'm on. I've at least been diligent enough to take the pictures every week, its just the posting that I'm slacking on. But that's just where I'm at I guess. 

Raleigh's new discovery of last week was her ability to climb up the side of her sisters' cribs all on her own. She was pretty proud once she plopped inside after struggling her way up and it was pretty entertaining for us to watch. Once she found out she could do that, there was no stopping her. It was bouncing back and forth from crib to crib, up and down, in and out again and again all while screaming and exclaiming her joy and excitement over her new found activity. The second I open the door to their room she bolts in there to go see her sisters and climbs right in to greet them. The twins aren't quite sure what to make of it yet. I find them just staring at her with a look on their faces thats a mixture of "what is this crazy person doing?" and "please don't land on my face!" (which may have happened more than once :/). But it makes me dream about the day they're all bouncing back and forth running into each other and laughing hysterically with one another making memories they'll remember for a lifetime. Makes me thankful to capture moments like this right now for them to have these glimpses of their childhood to look back on. 

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  1. These are so great! What fun these sisters will have!