March 17, 2015

9/52- On a walk

Now that the sun is starting to show up more, family walks are becoming a regular habit for us on a weekly basis. One of my favorite things living in this little town is how walking friendly it is. We can walk to just about anything we need within 10-15 minutes. I know this will be something I'll miss greatly once we're back in Phoenix. The other day we took a walk down town to get some lunch and coffee and it seemed like every one in Kirchheim had the same idea. Raleigh loved the crowd walking up and down the cobblestone streets. She waves to about everyone she sees. I watch her as she walks around like she owns the place and I feel like I'm watching her grow up right in front of my eyes. She seems to be a people person which is something I hope and pray she grows into more and more. She's making us laugh constantly as her personality continues to blossom. I only pray that she grows into someone that brings smiles and joy and laughter to every one she meets. Someone that is safe and kind and gentle. Someone that others are drawn to and want to be around. I already see these things coming out in her. I know its part of my job as a mom to nurture these parts of who she is and remind her of that truth as she grows. It feels like the funnest thing in the world to me that I get the front row seat in watching who she is and who she is becoming. Not always easy, not always smooth, but for sure the most fun!

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