May 13, 2015

18/52- Flowers

By now, we're on a plane heading back home to Phoenix. It's still kind of weird to me that our time in Germany is already over. I snapped these shots of Raleigh on one of our last days while the twins were sleeping. I only wish I would've woken them up just to get at least one of them in front of the hundreds of flowers surrounding our apartment complex. There's so much I'm going to miss about this place and I think I'll reminisce about it in a later post. For now, I'm gonna soak in and reflect on the time we were able to have here. My girls get to have this place as a place to call home now. The twins have spent more time growing up in Germany than they have in Arizona. We get to have these memories embedded in our hearts forever. In a nutshell our time here was hard, at times discouraging, and a lot of times exhausting…but oh was it adventurous, and life giving, and deeply sweet and memorable. It gave us a chance to lean in and learn. It gave us the opportunities to grow in our weaknesses and listen to each others needs. We were able to see ourselves from a different perspective through conflict and heartache. We were able to listen to what God might want to teach us in those moments. I believe there's something about going away from the comfortability of life and taking risks that allows things to surface and gain insight and perspective. The time we had here gave us just that and I'm so very grateful for it. I know my girls will only have pictures to remember this time, but I only hope that living life for a snippet of time on the other side of the world is somehow sinking deeply into who they will become. 

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