June 29, 2015

19/52- Mothers Day

We took these on Mother's Day, just a few days before we headed home back to Arizona. It was a sweet day being outside under the sun with just the five of us. The adjustment home has been more than I anticipated. I'm realizing how much I miss the greenery and the flowers and character of the cities we lived in and visited. There was something so inspiring about it that made it almost easier to come up with something to draw or create. Its taken me longer than I thought to start posting again. Getting back to life in the states has taken me a lot slower to adjust to I think. There was something about the simplicity of living that I'm missing greatly. Being home just feels like we're constantly busy, sometimes without even having anything to do. I love being home, back in our own place, in our own bed. I love being back in our community surrounded by people we love deeply. I love being with family again. But there's just a way of life there that I think I'm gonna miss most. Im so grateful we had this experience with our little family. I'm so thankful for the ways we've changed and grown because of it. So here's to the many adventures ahead that we've yet to journey through! I can't wait to see what's to come!

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