August 27, 2015

Honey, I love you Styled Wedding

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I'm so excited to finally be sharing this with you. A tiny inspiration I had a few months back turned into an idea that soon became what you're seeing today.  I teamed up with some pretty great people to help put my vision together for styling and designing of this honey inspired photo shoot. As I was coming up with the story and envisioning the day for this bride and groom the words just seemed to flow as I thought about my own marriage and what I've learned about the beauty of it. 

There comes a point in every relationship where we either choose to be known or we choose to hide. Marriage is the magnifying glass to our weaknesses, but is also the sacred place we get to feel known and loved in spite of our flaws. For this couple, they have known the commitment it takes to step into a journey as beautiful as marriage. They know this only by going through the realness and rawness of relationship. Through vulnerability and trust with each other their love has grown organically into something beautiful. Like the relationship of honey and the bee. The bee approaches nectar, fragile and delicate, taking it under his wing to bring into the honeycomb. Through the process of him nurturing and caring for the nectar, it is organically formed into something raw and beautiful. Only then is the nectar made into who it was originally supposed to become, honey. Only then can it be made in to something sweet. This bride and groom has tasted the sweetness of their love as it was always intended to be experienced, through vulnerability, trust, nurturing, and care. They've see each other in their weaknesses, they've embraced each other in their flaws. And at the end of the day they know that through the hard work the sweet taste of a deep and real love is on the other side. And at the end of the day they still choose to say, "Honey, I love you!"  

I'm so so happy with how this whole thing turned out and how everyone involved made my vision come to life! So if youre on the hunt for someone to make your day extra special and capturing your vision perfectly, then I highly recommend these lovely people! 

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Styling and invites: Coley Kuyper Art | Florals: Hoot and Holler | Makeup: Arielle of Creme de la Makeup | Venue: The Hearn House | Dress: Bella Lily Bridal | Minimalist Jewelry: Barberry and Lace |Cake: A Bake Shop | Photography: Charity Maurer Photography  | Models: Leslie and Nelson Koon

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