September 1, 2015

30/52- One Year

Its already been a month since these little rascals turned one and now my oldest is turning 2 in just a few days! Having three definitely makes the time fly faster, especially when they're this close in age. There's never a dull moment or a break to sit and relax (most of the time). But oh does it bring me the most joy to be their mama. I love this age that the twins are at. Their personalities are showing more and more and I'm constantly learning who they are, what they like, what makes them laugh, etc. People ask me all the time what's the differences between them and I always find it hard to answer because it seriously changes every day. One week Jocilynn will be the crying, dramatic, particular one, and the next week its Jaelynn thats making all the fuss. At first Jocilynn was a light sleeper and would be the first one awake at the crack of dawn and now she can sleep on average 10 hours a night! As much as it changes I do love it though, it keeps me watching. Watching how they are growing and learning and developing into new people. It keeps me focussed on paying attention to the details of who they really are and why. And boy does it keep me entertained! With as much that went on in our lives in the last year, it only excites me more to see whats ahead. I sure am glad God brought these two little surprises into our lives when he did. They've helped me slow down, ask for help, be more present and trust God with it all. They've helped me become a better mom without even knowing it. They've given us a gift to our family that we'll be experiencing more and more for years to come. So thankful for these sweet beauties. So thankful I'm the one that they will call mama!

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