September 2, 2015

Jocilynn & Jaelynn's First Birthday

A few days after the twins first birthday we celebrated with a small little gathering at our house. The morning was filled with yummy breakfast treats, family and a few close friends. I wanted to do something fun and creative for a "twin" birthday theme. As I was creating and coming up with their invitation design I kept writing the ampersand (&) symbol between their names and thought I'd go off of that. I centered everything around it-- Jocilynn & Jaelynn, coffee & cream, crepes & cupcakes, and so on. We even played an unscrambling game with words that all came in pairs (ketchup & mustard, Burt & Ernie, etc.) It was super fun to come up with and hopefully something the girls will look back on and love. My good friend and talented photographer, Erica of Cora Kingston Photography took the beautiful photos to document the morning. It was a sweet gift to be surrounded by people that love our little ones so much and an even bigger gift to have it documented the way Erica did. We ended the party with the classic first messy cake eating for the twins. Needless to say they devoured the sugary goodness and had big smiles and grubby faces to show for it. First birthday success!!

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