January 4, 2016

52/52- Christmas and 2016

I started this post a few days ago and now its already 4 days into the new year! sheesh! 2015 was quite the adventure for this little family. Its hard to believe at the beginning of the year we were living overseas. It already feels like that was a lifetime ago, and we miss aspects of being there every day, especially during the Christmas season. In May, right before traveling home we found out baby #4 would join us and now we're anxiously awaiting his or her arrival (and praying it doesn't make us wait too much longer).

This holiday season was a sweet one. It was our first time celebrating Christmas in our home since buying it. We took the kids to pick out a tree to decorate, spent lots of time cuddled up on the couch watching Christmas shows, traveled north for a few days in the snow, drove around looking at lights, and drank lots (and lots) of hot chocolate. Things with my art business picked up a lot and it was a fun surprise to be able to create as much as I did.

Our Christmas morning came with crepes for breakfast and opening presents with the girls, all of which were toys they already had! Watching them get excited about just getting to open something was the best part of it all. They had no idea if it was something new or not (so we're hoping we can pull that off for at least another 2 years! ha!).

Being a parent sure makes the holiday season 100 times more fun. Getting to create memories and traditions with them might be my favorite thing of it all. At the end of the day I hope to instill in them that this season is about making memories, loving others, and remembering how loved we are by our Creator more than anything else.  The beginning of a new season always gets me excited. So much potential and so many dreams that the future holds. I know this year will be another adjusting one for us as we prepare to become parents of 4 under the age of 2 1/2 years, but I'm trusting fully that God is right in the middle of it guiding us along.

Although I didn't quite hold up to my goal of taking pictures every week this year, I'm glad I tried it and got the ones that I did when I could. I find myself looking back on them over and over amazed and how much changes in such a short amount of time and how fast they're growing up! We've discovered Raleigh's love for singing at the top of her lungs and performing whenever she gets the right amount of attention. She's still so sweet and kind and observant as she's been all along and I love seeing this blossom in her. Jaelynn has kept us laughing the most recently. She seems to know that she's funny when she's trying to be and has the best sense of humor already. Her beaming smile and infectious giggles melt my heart completely. Jocilynn still keeps challenging us with her feisty-ness and intense personality, but when she's sweet she can be the sweetest thing you'll ever meet. Her cuddles and affection can win me over at any given moment.

So very thankful for this season. So thankful for the reason we get to celebrate it. Cant wait to see what 2016 holds with lots on my list of goals that I'm hoping to accomplish this year, first one being to get this new baby outta me!!

Hope your holiday season was a sweet one friends!
Happy New year!

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