February 10, 2016

Valentine Treats!

Raleigh and I broke out the baking materials the other day to make up some yummy treats for a few of her special valentines. I planned accordingly while the twins were sleeping so I didn't have to juggle baking and 3 toddlers at once. Unfortunately, my plan lasted up until it was time to mix the dough when they decided to wake up. Motherhood! Slowly but surely we finished what we started with Joci and Jaelynn's little helping hands too. I tied up the goodies with string and attached some of my Valentine mini cards to them to complete the little gift. 

Although the event was chaotic, I think I'll keep this little tradition of baking with my girls for special occasions going. Its my desire to have them grow up with things they can look forward to as each holiday comes around that also give them ways to use their creativity. So here's to the start of a new tradition! 
Hope you all have the sweetest Valentine's day! 

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