May 12, 2016

Dear Daughters

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I'm starting a new series here dedicated to writing to my girls once a month. Through this I hope to see the world through their eyes as I learn more about each of their unique personalities and the way they see the world. Through it I hope to share how they are inspiring me daily. 

Dear Sage, 
You are 4 months old already. I'm surprised more and more how incredibly sweet you are. Even when you're in the middle of crying, you don't hesitate to give a big smile when I look at you. I can say without a doubt you're our easiest baby yet, so thank you for that. You let your sisters pull, tug, hug, and love on you without a peep that it bothers you. You are so easy to love and you have made our family that much fuller and brighter because of your gentle easy going demeanor. You have the biggest smile that makes me never want to stop looking at you. You are a gift to us that I never knew I needed or wanted. 

Dear Jaelynn, 
You are constantly making us laugh. You have the best personality and humor and I think you know it too. Your vocabulary grows my the minute and your high pitched voice makes me smile whenever a new sentence comes out of your mouth. You can be pretty stubborn, but are quick to say you're sorry when you've done something wrong. I love watching how you love your twin sister. You always ask for her when you're sad or its time for bed. Watching the unique bond only you two can have is a blessing to my heart. You teach me how to laugh and be joyful and play, especially in the times we need it most. 

Dear Jocilynn,
You have a smile that melts hearts. One look at you and you could easily get whatever you want, something that's been the hardest in trying to parent you. You have a mixture of extreme feisty-ness and deep sweetness that I've yet to see in another. I think its a gift in your personality that, if used in the right way, you will be able to protect and love others really well. You crave attention and affection. I'm learning how to love others different than myself through you. You are teaching me to be patient in all the areas I never knew I needed to learn patience. You may be the one that drives me the most crazy, but at the end of the day cuddling you makes every ounce of crazy melt away.

Dear Raleigh, 
I'm amazed by you. Your memory and the way you observe and see detail blow me away at how much you can know at your age. You are so encouraging, always exclaiming "das so pitty mama!" or yelling "good job!" to one of your sisters. You continue to remind me that you're a "big girl" and are starting to become more independent. Something I love and grieve watching at the same time. You're growing up, my first born. And so am I. You teach me how to protect and how to be in the moment. You show me that life and joy can be found in the smallest things, like building a tower of blocks or making a garden, or drawing a picture. I can't tell you how proud of you I am my sweet girl. 

I love you more than life itself.

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