June 10, 2016


girls outfits c/o Minouche

A few weeks ago we headed south across the border to run around in the sand. We spent 4 days in Rocky Point and the majority of our time there was in the water with that gorgeous view in front of us. The perfect break four our little family after a very full and hectic couple months prior to it. The girls ran around on the beach in their perfect summer outfits and I couldn't stop staring and being overwhelmed with thankfulness in being their mom. Nothing gets me more inspired than traveling and being away somewhere with the people I love most. Theres something about just being present and in the moment that allows me to create and dream more than being cooped up in the house working on projects. Watching how my girls play and discover the littlest things makes me want to be more like them. Everything is new and exciting and fun! This is how I want to approach life and everything I do, with my artwork, my marriage, and my parenting. I want to be present and discover the newness of what's next with excitement and inspiration. I'm learning how to do this better and I'm learning more about myself in the process. It's hard, but worth it-going through the messy parts to try and find the beauty that only going through it will bring. I'm thankful for these moments with my little family that help make me see how its all worth it-- every hard, frustrating, and uninspiring moment only makes the outcome more beautiful than it could've been without it. 

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