July 27, 2016

Two-ty Fruity Birthday Party

We celebrated the twins turning TWO the other day. Two years have never felt more long and short at the same time. Raising twins is no easy task. These two have brought a bundle of joy and excitement in ways we never expected. The last few months have been a handful of projects and trips for our little family, but I didn't want to miss celebrating them their big day. I thought of the theme just a few days before their party and quickly made a Target run, sent out an invitation, and threw together some items from around the house to pull it off. We had just family over, which was plenty with the slew of cousins they have around to keep company. It was a perfect evening of swimming, eating popsicles, and plenty of fruit to go around. We love these girls more than can be explained. So thankful I get to be their mama!

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