July 1, 2016

Dear Daughters

We headed north a couple weeks ago to beat the heat and spend our first family trip together just the six of us. We stayed in a rickety old cabin with a few critters there to greet us. We played in the creek, ate dinner under the stars, and let you stay up way past bed time so we could run around laughing and playing together. It was a sweet time for us. Makes me dream all the more of adventures we'll get to grow up having together. 

Dear Sage, 
You might be the smiliest baby I've ever met (and I'm trying hard not to be biased here). You started sleeping through the night on your own and I won't be able to thank you (or the good Lord) enough for that someday. You wake up making the sweetest noises and screams, sometimes just laughing at yourself, until I or dada decide to get out of bed to get you. Whenever your sisters are in near sight your eyes are glued on them watching and giggling at everything they do. That smile of yours lights up a room whenever you're in it. I can only imagine that you're going to make everyone around you feel so adored and loved as you grow up, it just seems natural for you. 

Dear Jaelynn, 
You love doing everything Raleigh does. Now that she's trying to potty train, you're insisting that you need to go on the potty too. Sometimes its pretty convincing as you say it so confidently. You are a ball of emotions little one. I think something I see in you is how fully you feel what you're feeling right in the moment. Right now its something I can easily get frustrated with when you're wailing at the thought of not getting what you want, but I hope and pray you will learn that this part of you can be a really good thing too. I imagine you being able to feel with people whatever they feel too, which can lead to being such a safe person to those around you. I pray this for you. Also because you also are one of the most joyful little one's I've every met. If you think something is funny, there's no doubt others will start joining in with your laughter too. You have a gift for making the smallest things feel like the best thing in the world. 

Dear Jocilynn, 
I'm seeing more and more how fearless you are when it comes to risk or trying new things. You might have picked up every creeping creature we found around the woods (as I tried not to get too freaked out over it). I love to watch you discover. You love to try things, but only on your own time. You love to run to me and cuddle into my arms whenever you start to feel scared. I love to cuddle you. I pray that as you grow up, taking risks is a part of who you are and trusting Jesus in the process and discovery of it is at the core. And when the risk becomes scary and hard, I hope you know my arms will always be wide open for you along the way.  

Dear Raleigh, 
One of my favorite things right now is watching how excited you get at new things. Splashing around the creek and running around in the woods was like Heaven to you. You're so curious about everything and there's a never ending list of questions that come with it. I have to find the humor in it sometimes and try to not let it get annoying to me. I'm sorry for the times it does. You like to remind me (very randomly at times) that you like pink! And you never stop singing, which is another favorite of mine. We have a song made up for almost anything we do and every time you're playing, there's usually a tune to go with it. I want to be more like you in this. I want to be curious about things and enjoy life right in the moment with you. You are teaching me to do this. 

I love you more than life itself. 

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