August 31, 2016

The Orchard

Summer time in Arizona makes it hard to get out of the house. And having four littles makes being inside the house pretty crazy at times. A couple weeks ago it was just me and the girls on our own as Shane was in Europe with his basketball tour. I was pretty nervous to take on the two weeks alone taking care of the girls and trying to manage getting projects done. A few days before Shane left, my mom was a lifesaver by being so willing to come and be with us to help carry the load. I couldn't have survived the two weeks Shane was away without her or my in laws in town to help! I'm pretty darn thankful they love their grandkids so much to always want to be with them. 

We've entered a season where sleep schedules are changing (thanks to my oldest deciding she no longer need to nap) and we're trying to figure out a new routine to our day. There's been a lot of trial and error and tears and frustration. The one thing I've learned is getting them out of the house (and myself) is a great breathe of fresh air for us and can change our whole not-so-fun day into a sweet one. 

One of our favorite go to spots this summer has been The Orchard that opened up a few months ago. Its as if they built the perfect spot just for our little family. The cutest outdoor area full of trees and shade with a splash pad for the kiddos and a coffee shop right on site just for mama! We've spent a good amount of our days here over the summer and its been one of my favorite things to watch the girls jump around and giggle with each other as they play. I do love the summer days, but this desert heat and staying inside to keep from melting has got me dreaming of opening up the windows, putting on jeans and sipping hot coffee for a change. 

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