September 9, 2016

Girls Room

Trying to figure out how we are going to fit four little ones in one small room is no easy task. Ever since our youngest, Sage, turned 6 months old she's been trying to climb out of her bassinet and now that she's 8 months I think its about time we transition her to the crib. I tried to put this project off long enough because it not only meant rearranging the girl's whole room around, but also that the twins wouldn't be confined in a crib anymore-- EEK!! But I knew it would come sooner or later, and so here we are. I've been searching high and low on pinterest on ways to make 4 beds work in a room and still keep it a functional and playful space. So in the process of still figuring it out I decided to document how their room has been for the last year. Its fun to keep "before pictures" to look back on once we're finished, but of course I get a little sentimental as I realize this means they're all growing up!

When we bought our house a little over two years ago I was pregnant with the twins at the time. We didn't know if they were going to be boys or girls so when I decided to paint their room I wanted to keep it neutral, cute and playful. I knew they would be sharing a room with their older sister so I didn't want to go too girly or too boyish either way- which is why I chose to paint the stripes and polka dots. We live in a tiny 1100 sqft. house so finding spaces for the girls to play can be crazy at times. As I redo a room the most important thing to me is to make it functional as well as pretty! So with their room this is an even bigger challenge since I'm working with a small space. But I'm determined to make it work. 

I think its important to give my kids an area that feels like its "theirs", that can make them feel safe and free to be a kid. I think the home is so much more than a place we live, its where we do life the most, where we see each other at our worst and our best. Its where we make memories, and learn to love people other than ourself. Its where we go through seasons together, good and bad, and figure out how to become better because of them. Its where we can learn to trust and share who we are with each other. It can be a place that can either build up or tear down and my biggest hope and prayer is that our home is always one that is uplifting and grace filled-even through the mess. Of course, its in my blood to make things pretty and create, but making our home aesthetically pleasing isn't just what its about for me. I believe its about making it a place that our kids and all who enter in will feel safe, loved, and known here. Its where we are living our story and building a foundation of who are kids are and will be.  As we build our home and what it will look like I want it to be a reflection of our heart and our love for one another and the beauty I hope to bring out in our family. Of course there will always be messes to be cleaned up and it won't always look "magazine worthy", but then again thats just how life really is, isn't it!?

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