October 12, 2016

Fall Farm Fun

We took a trip out to Schnepf Farms last week to get our fall fix. Since the weather hasn't come close enough to feel anything like fall here in Phoenix, surrounding ourselves with pumpkins and hay sort of makes up for it. We went late in the afternoon while there was still daylight to run around in. The girls had a blast climbing and running and jumping on every hay barrel they could find. I loved watching them play and explore each new thing we came across. Raleigh was pretty proud to go on a ride all by herself for the first time and I couldn't stop smiling watching her beam and squeal in excitement. 

This time of year is always my favorite with the cooler weather, warm drinks, and transitioning into the holidays. I've never been more excited to start family traditions and do even the simplest things with them, especially now that they're able to understand a bit more of what's going on. I can't wait to see what the girls will start to come up with too as the years go on. This trip to the farm is definitely one we'll keep for years to come! 

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