December 7, 2016

Milk & Honey Collective

I'm so excited to share about an event I helped put on last weekend with some dear friends of mine. About 6 months ago the four of us (me, Jenna, Shannon, & Rachel) started talking about the idea of "pop up shop" where we could gather, create, and share our love for collecting pretty things with others. We collectively thought of how we could use each of our passions and our conversations and ideas soon turned into the idea of a two day event-- Milk & Honey Collective. The name originally came from the color scheme we all love along with the idea that we wanted our event to be about sharing treasures for your home while giving an experience that would be sweet to the soul. 

We began to plan and asked others to be a part of it with us and came up with a "theme" for each space we would create. Rachel has a beautiful eye for florals and making all things look amazing so it was a perfect fit to add in a DIY Wreath making workshop for the night. Shannon and Jenna have a keen sense of finding "trash" and turning them into treasures. And I was able to display my artwork through out all the different areas to show how the pieces I've made can be used and displayed. We even had home made mini pie pops, specialty drinks, and baby apparel too. 

I'll admit I had pretty low expectations for how the turnout would be. It was hard to tell how many would actually show up for our first time or who would understand the idea of what we were hoping to create. When Friday night came and the doors opened, we were blown away at how the evening transpired. Twinkling lights, Christmas music playing, the smell of evergreens filling the air, warm fire surrounded by people gathering with spiced cocktails--these were just a few of the highlights that took place. We were so excited to see all the faces that continued to show up that night and fill up our space. Over and over again we heard how much fun everyone was having. People wouldn't leave after we started to shut down for the night because they were having too much fun just being there, hanging out with friends. 

It was a beautiful weekend that made us feel so incredibly blessed that others would share in our excitement and creativity. It encouraged us beyond what we thought, making our heads and hearts stir for more of these events in the future. We are already talking about one for Spring and can hardly wait to get started. 

If you want to hear more about our next pop ups, please follow along on our Facebook page and Instagram to find more details. And thank you so much to everyone who came for the weekend, we are so grateful! 

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