January 10, 2017

Sage Turns One!

We celebrated our littlest turning one over the weekend. Maybe its because she's just barely smaller than her twin sisters or that the chaos of having four under 3 just makes time fly by even faster, but either way her first year of life has felt like the fastest one yet. After all the Christmas decor was put away I only had a few short days to put something together to celebrate her. I aimed for simplicity with this one, just inviting our family and grabbing some treats from the store. We originally were going to keep it at our house, but Shane's idea was to have it at The Velo, a coffee/bike shop his brother was working at that day so he could be a part of the celebration too. And if you know anything about our little family, its that coffee is our love language-- so it was pretty much a perfect fit! The wheels started to turn as I pictured how we could put together a simple party in the small corner of the coffee shop. I used her name as inspiration for the decor I threw together with the greenery, then drew up a happy birthday sign and used a few other pieces I had around the house. 

We had a sweet time just hanging out together with our family, sipping on delicious coffee, singing happy birthday while Sage smiled and bounced along and watching her dig in to her first sugary treat! I've said it a hundred times, but I really don't think I've seen another baby smile as much as she does! She brings us so much joy, mostly in just watching how much her sisters love and adore her. 

Birthday celebrations are always so fun for me, not only because I love the pursuit of creating a theme and decorating for it, but the bigger reason is because I genuinely love celebrating the one whom its all for. And I think every detail plays into that, weather its elaborate or the simplest of things, the purpose behind it all, for me, is to create a memory they'll have knowing how special and loved they are. I know Sage won't remember this day, but I at least hope there's something being embedded in her knowing how deeply loved she is. And when she looks back on this memory of pictures she'll see a day full faces that love her the most, surrounding her in celebration all because she was born!

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