January 2, 2017

Our Christmas Season

The Christmas season came and went in a blink. We had the sweetest time over the past month soaking in all the holiday goodness. I imagine this time of year will always make me miss spending it in Germany like we did a few years ago. There's nothing quite like Christmastime in Europe, but we try to make the most of it here in the desert. Running around the Christmas tree lot with the smell of pines, free hot chocolate in hand, and seeing Santa Clause is always a favorite and started off the season just right! Since Raleigh was born we started the tradition of going to Whitfill Nursery to get our tree and spend the evening there listening to the music and sitting by the fire. Its so fun to watch the girls start to get excited about all the fun of it now. 

A new thing we did this year was family Christmas "caroling" around the block. We took treats to friends in the neighborhood and sang songs to them--well if that's what you'd call it, it was more like the girls would stare as mom and dad started the singing! We'll see if this tradition sticks, but the girls enjoyed riding around in our 4 seat stroller I decorated with garland and lights, so I guess it was a win!

This year, our Christmas felt like it went on for two weeks--which I'm definitely not complaining about. I loved doing lots of Christmases with both sides of our families and extending it beyond just one day. One of my favorite things we started this year with the girls was doing our Advent Calendar for story time before bed each night. They were so excited to pull a card down to read and get to hang an ornament up after each reading. Some of the things that would come from their mouth on what they heard was pretty comical too. But after each reading the thing they would repeat the most is "God is with me always" which was a pretty sweet thing to hear coming from a toddler! We spent Christmas day making crepes for breakfast, going to church in our jammies, then opening presents. I loved looking at our living room full of mess  after wards seeing how much activity had gone on that morning, knowing how we are making sweet memories as a little family. 

A few snaps through out the season from my Instagram

The month was also full of orders and art projects for my little business and it felt so rewarding seeing people choose my work. As the new year begins it only makes me more excited to see what's ahead. Yes, I have goals and hope and dreams, but nothing "new" or different than what my heart has prayed for and has been working for already. The new year only gives me a hope for whats to come and all the new I've yet to embrace and I'm feeling so thankful for it all!

Hope you all had the sweetest Christmas season and are finding hope in the new year too! 

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