June 29, 2017

A Very Merry (Cousin) Unbirthday Party

girls striped twirl dresses- alice & ames

A few weeks ago my sister and her little family came to visit us from Ohio for the week. This was the first time since our youngest two were born that we had all been together. I came up with the idea to throw a little "birthday party" for all the cousins together since we don't get to celebrate on their actual birthdays together throughout the year. So I rounded up all the colorful party decor I could find around the house to throw together and bought some cake mix to celebrate the event. Luckily they're all young enough that a bunch of sugary cake is the best present they could receive. 

We watched and danced to a snippet of Alice in Wonderland's unbirthday song and sang happy birthday to each one of them. With all the girliness that goes on in our house on a daily basis, it was a sweet time to have my nephews bring a little bit of boy into the mix. (We're still praying for that boy of ours ;)). I loved getting to watch my girls play and engage with their cousins, like they've known each other since they were born.  It's little things like this that make being a mom the best gift of all, watching their relationships develop and grow with each other among all the laughter and playfulness. Loved getting to spend time with all SIX of these kiddos together (all 3 and under!) haha!

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