July 31, 2017

Dear Daughters- June

 We took a family trip up north last month to celebrate our grandmas's 80th birthday. It was a nice little break from the heat of Phoenix and we enjoyed the time being with extended family all cooped up in a beautiful cabin together. Seeing my girls run around and come alive in the outdoors, getting dirty, catching frogs and rocks and critters was the best thing for my mama heart. While we were up there my sweet aunt of Joyful Gestures Photography captured these portraits of the girls and I thought it was perfect for this month's post. There's nothing quite like being away together to help you appreciate the slow and steady small things life so often offers. 

Dear Raleigh, 

I love watching your adventurous side come out. Our weekend away was so fun to be around you listening to your silly stories, seeing you try new things and embrace the fun in every moment of your day. You are pushing me to be in the moment with you and remember how important it is to pay attention to the beauty of the now. I want to be even better at this every day with you-- entering into your world, your imagination, your playfulness. There are many times I just wonder how you experience me as your mama, hoping that you know deeply how much I love you. I can only pray that the moments of fun and laughter far outweigh any of the ones that I come up short. You're too important to me to be anything but the best I can be for you. Making memories with you on any adventure is the best medicine for any hard day or week or month and I hope you grow to hold these memories in your heart as sweetly as I do. 

Dear Joci, 

I forget how much you love to get dirty and explore until we're forced into a place that can only make us play that way. You have always been the one to first dig in the dirt and find new bugs or creatures and as much as it makes me squeal sometimes, I love how unhesitant and unafraid you are to experience something new. Your curiosity is something I've always seen in you and I love watching it grow and come out in more and more ways. You challenge me to learn more about the world around us and help you understand it better. I love the times when we learn things together, talking about something as simple as a lady bug or as complex (for a two year old) as sharing and being kind. You're interested in it all and I love the ways you are growing up. 

Dear Jaelynn, 

There's something about putting you in the midst of a big group of people that makes your world light up! You thrive being around people and fun. I'm seeing more and more how you love to gather others together, something I think will  (and already does) make you such a sweet friend to others. Sometimes you seem too smart for your own good, keeping us laughing and feeling crazy daily! You've gotten into a phase of being "super polite" almost to the point where you know how to work the system to get what you want. I can't deny that it works well on us, sometimes, but we're onto your silly little schemes! Either way, it just shows me how smart and attentive you are to what's going on with people. You observe others so well and are able to see something beyond the surface of what's going on. I hope and pray it blossoms into something that would serve others well, allowing them to feel known and loved by you unlike any other. I know thats already true for me whenever I'm with you. Somehow, already at the young age of 2 and a half, you totally get me. 

Dear Sage, 

You never stop moving and following the crowd of sisters and cousins that are constantly around you. You look up to them so much and love to be a part of whatever they're doing. You've definitely figured out your way with them because I don't think anyone makes your sisters laugh more than you do! The endless giggles in our house are the sweetest sound to my ears. There's never a time you choose to be alone or away from them and I love that you are looking up to them and adore them as much as you do. This only makes me love and adore you more and more. Your personality is so extremely fun and contagious. You draw me in to love you more and I only know its going to get better from here. 

I love you girls more than life itself.

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