October 2, 2018

Twins 4th Birthday!

Yes, I realized that it is OCTOBER already and I'm JUST now posting these. But I'm documenting them nonetheless. The twins turned 4 in July and we celebrated with a sweet and simple rainbow popsicle party. Having a summer birthday growing up in Phoenix doesn't give much room for doing anything outside other than swimming. And I'm sure you can see by the sweaty glow on our faces in these pictures that this day was a HOT one. But it didn't stop us from doing something special. Swimming was their favorite activity all summer so it only made sense that we added that into the fun. This summer they both learned how to swim on their own fully so that was another milestone to be remembered in this fourth year of their life. 

These twins of mine never cease to keep me on my toes, constantly challenging the boundaries and figuring out what they can and can't get away with. It's exhausting to say the least, but recently the thing I've reflected on most in being their mama is how much of myself needs to grow up. The things that are hard in parenting them have began to shift my perspective and grow my heart in ways I didn't know needed to grow before. And for that I'm eternally grateful for this gift in them that I see God has given. Apart from the hard stuff, they are the epitome of joy and excitement and all things FUN. They know how to laugh at the silliest things and create beauty and kindness around them. 

Throwing this rainbow themed party for them was just a reflection of who they are...bright, beautiful, and something you always want to be around. We ate melted popsicles, swam until the sun went down and celebrated with homemade rainbow cupcakes. These girls have been a surprise and challenge since the moment we found out they were arriving, but my heart couldn't be more thankful for them and how they have made our family what it is today. 

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