October 18, 2019

Raleigh's Golden 6th Birthday!

A few weeks ago we celebrated our oldest turning SIX! I don't know what it is about this age, but it felt like such a bigger leap in her getting older than any other year before did. She turned 6 on September 6th so a golden birthday party theme was inevitable--it helped that gold is one of her favorite colors right now too! :)

She and I had been talking and planning this little party for months and it was so fun to come up with everything for her special day together. Her biggest requests were to have dancing and a piñata, so we did just that. We had family and a couple close friends over for an evening of dressing up in gold colors and hanging out together then ended the night with eating her favorite meal for dinner...mac and cheese! 

I've started a little tradition with the girls the day before their party baking the cake and decorating it together at home. I love that they get excited about it and we get to plan how it will look and all the pretty things to put on top. Raleigh's was pretty simple. I used a box cake, with pre-made frosting and added some gold spray sugar and sprinkles for extra details, then topped it off with sprigs of flowers here and there to add to the vibe of "pretty gold" I was going for. She loved it! 

It seemed perfectly fitting to have a golden themed party to celebrate because I think everything about her exudes light and joy and it's just so easy to love her. She loves people and being a part of the fun and naturally invites everyone around her into whatever she's doing. She's inclusive and silly, and bright eyed and smart. She cares deeply and is artistic and since the minute she was born she's made everything better. I find myself staring at her more these days, wondering how we got so blessed to have such a radiant beautiful girl like this--God is so good and I'm just so proud and honored and humbled to be her mama. 

We love you deeply Raleigh girl! 

A few sources from our party set up:

Flower arrangements: Milk and Honey Florals
Gold plates, napkins, gold utensils, baking supplies: Walmart baking, wedding and party section
Table cloth, golden crowns and gold sparkle runner: Target party section
Gold and white balloons for homemade balloon arch: Amazon
Raleigh's golden sparkle dress: Amazon
Gold star piñata was homemade

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