October 10, 2019

Dash's Vintage Inspired Sports Room

Right before I started taking pictures to document Dash's room we found out our new little one would be arriving. I've dreamt of decorating a little boy's room for a good while and when Dash arrived I couldn't wait to get started. The arrangement will change a bit after new baby arrives, but I'm hoping and praying for another little guy to add here to share in all the "boyness" of this room with big brother. 

The inspiration for designing this space came to me from both mine and Shane's love of sports as we grew up playing. I didn't want it to be overly sports themed that would dominate the decor and I knew I wanted to add in neutral pieces to soften it up a bit. Since Shane and I both come from sports backgrounds I thought it would be fun to add that into the mix of things, bringing in old pictures from our dad's sporting days and even some of mine and Shane's from when we were kids. This is where the "vintage" theme came into play. I started collecting all the old vintage sports items I could find, some that came from our own family and some that I found at Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market (always a great place to find the perfect vintage items!). 

Some of my favorite pieces on those shelves are the ones that came straight from Shane, like all the little trophies from when he was growing up and the wooden bat he broke as a kid. The ASU basketball jersey was also Shane's from the time he played on the team during college. I added in old photos from my dad and Shane's dad from their basketball days too, which was a fun touch. And since Shane and I both love golf (he proposed to me on the 18th hole at TPC Scottsdale) we had to add in golf touches throughout the space. :)

We had some help from Burts Bees Baby and Ashley Home furniture from their new baby & toddler line with the bigger items in this room, like the rocking chair, new crib, and changing table/dresser and I love how they lightened up the space in a simple way. This room is pretty small and with any small space in our home I've always stuck to lighter colors on the walls. I knew I wanted to make this more boy-like so I painted one black wall to bring in contrast and bring out more of the dark blues and blacks sprinkled throughout the room. 

To bring some of my art into too I created this "lets play ball" watercolored piece and I love how it fits right in to everything else. 

Vintage photos of me and Shane from when we were kids. Shane's basketball photo, and one of my first from "playing" golf :) Both of us about 4 years old. 

This might be one of my favorite rooms I've done in our house yet. I'm not great about sharing all of the before and afters of our home--I can't remember to keep up with them-- but I've gotten a lot of requests in the past about it so I'll try to share more as things come together. We've lived here for 5 years now and done a TON of work to this tiny space and it's probably just now starting to feel more like "us"... even though the project list is really never ending :)

I'm in full on nesting mode around our house right now since new baby will be arriving in the next couple weeks so I'm rearranging and purging lots of things left and right (Shane's reeeally excited about it). But honestly it's so fun for me to create a new space that I know will bring comfort, freshness and more simplicity to our home. The girls room is on my list right now and I'll be sharing more of that when all the chaos is finished up. Four girls in one tiny room is no easy project! 

Thanks for being here friends! 

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