December 31, 2014

Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is quite the dream experience. Its been a little over a month since we moved here. Shane's job has given us the opportunity to live outside of our comfort zone and live overseas for a short while as he gets to assistant coach a professional team in our town as well as expand our horizons for ministry opportunities. As challenging as the past month and a half has been having three babies under one out here, I'm so thankful that we get this experience. This season might be the most I've ever celebrated the Christmas holiday, but it would be hard not to celebrate as much as we did being in this country. We decorated ornaments, baked cookies, drank hot wine, ate sausages, bundled up for chilly weather, and hit almost every Christmas market we could. Walking around the markets was my all time favorite, something out of a dream almost. Every town and building we saw was decorated and had its own character that added to the whole experience. I wish places like this existed in Phoenix! I'm sure gonna miss it come next year. 

The whole experience of being in this place has got me inspired to paint and draw and create so much. Its a challenge to pick up the paintbrush in between diaper changes and feeding, but I'm trying to make it a goal that whenever I have just a few minutes of "down time" (which is rare) I get out my sketch book and create something. Hopefully by the time we leave here I'll have my sketchbook filled with things I've been inspired by. And I plan on sharing more of that on a regular basis as the months continue.

Our Christmas morning was relaxed and peaceful. We ate crepes, and watched Raleigh open presents for the first time (all which were things we just found in her room). She loved it! She clapped and laughed after she opened each thing. It may have been more fun for us to watch than it was for her to open, but it was worth it. Later we walked around our town and discovered new parts we hadn't seen yet. And the day after Christmas we got our first snow! Aside from not having our whole family there with us, it couldn't have been a better day. One we'll remember for the rest of our lives. So thankful to God for this sweet experience he's given us and this sweet season we get to celebrate His grace and deep love for us. 

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