January 13, 2015

Another New Year

A LOT went on in the year 2014 for this little family. A friend of mine asked the other day if I usually reflect back on the prior year once the new one starts and it wasn't until her question that I realized how much we actually went through. I read through this post I wrote at this time last year and some things I wrote did happen, like growing our family for instance (which grew a little more than I was expecting at the time). Since last January--we were recently new parents who soon found out we'd be gaining not one but TWO more little ones, we bought a new home and remodeled a month before moving in, after a few weeks of being in the new home we welcomed our twins, then we traveled up the coast of California on tour with Shane's basketball team, and two weeks after that moved to Germany! Whew! I'm exhausted just typing it all out. But the thing I think back on most was how incredibly taken care of we were through out this year. As I think about each of those events I can't help but think of a handful of people that were surrounding us and encouraging us and helping us throughout it all. I'm in awe really. 

Now I realize that the things I listed about our year all seem like amazing dreamy things, and while yes they are amazing and I'm deeply thankful for them all, none of it came without a lot of days and hours spent in pain and tears and stress and at times, defeat. I never want my life to seem "better" than it actually is or like I have it all together in some way, because I most certainly don't. What I take most from reflecting on this year is the importance and need for community in our lives. NO way could we have made it through the past several months with out allowing others to enter into it and love us through it all. There are more days than not that are overwhelming, but those 3 faces you see above make all of it worth it. Raleigh is the sweetest big sister and it brings me so much joy to watch her love her sisters. She "takes care" of them making sure their paci's are in when they're crying or leaning over and hugging them or letting mama know that one of them needs me. Moments like that make me so thankful that they're all so close in age and that we're in this exhausting season of life. 

So as we embrace this new year, I'm hopeful. Hopeful in knowing that our days of exhaustion won't last forever. Hopeful that the adventures we are taking as a family is shaping these girls to live life fully and love others wherever life takes them. Hopeful that Jesus will meet our needs through the people he puts in our life and in himself. Hopeful that I'll look back on this post in 12 months and be amazed at what another year will bring. 

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