December 16, 2014

DIY German Christmas Garland

A few months ago we were given an opportunity with Shane's job to live in Germany for 6 months. We said yes to the adventure and three weeks ago packed up our family and headed out to the little town of Kirchheim unter-Teck. We came at just the right time to experience all of the holiday glory. Germans sure know how celebrate Christmas in the most magical way. Being here this season has inspired me more than ever so I thought I'd share a little project I came up with based on some of those inspirations. 

This little garland is a popular look around the stores here and I loved it so much I wanted to make my own. Its super simple and you can find most of the items you need laying around your house or right outside your front door. 

Things you'll need:
-string or yarn
-christmas tree branch
-ornaments, bells, pine cones

First, you'll take your string and cut it into all different lengths. Cut a piece of string for each item you are going to hang from your garland. 

Next, take a piece of string and tie one end to one of your Christmas items. Do this to all of your items until each piece has a string attached to it. 

Once all your items are strung take the empty ends of the string and tie them all together in a knot. All of your times will be hanging from the knot and should all fall at different lengths. 

Last, tie or hang the knotted items at the end of your Christmas tree branch. You can hang your branch on the wall with a nail or tack and display it anywhere you'd like. And voula! You now have your very own German inspired Christmas garland. 

I love this decoration because its so simple and cheap! Its also something you can take apart and make all over again next year so you don't have one more thing to pack up once the holidays are over. There's lots of way to do this project too and I've seen garlands like this in all sizes around town so the possibilities of it are endless. Enjoy!

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