March 31, 2015

12/52- Painting

"An artist is revealed in the work he or she creates, and in the abundance of the work created."

I watch my daughter doodle away and find out how much she's teaching me through it. I give her a blank piece of paper and some colors and she's got a whole new world in front of her. She has no question of whether it will turn out good or bad or if someone else will like it. She's just creating for the sake of creating. I watch how she intently makes marks on her canvas just to see what will happen. She's enjoying and embracing the process. Watching her create is revealing to me more of who she is. I see playfulness, and freedom. I see discovery, excitement and beauty. She was created to create. She's teaching me to be creative. She's teaching me to enjoy the process of where my creativity is taking me too. I'm learning so much from this girl and I'm so thankful I have her. 

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