September 4, 2019

Raleigh's 5th Birthday Ballerina Party

The fact that I'm writing this post almost a year after these were taken shows how "great" of a blogger and on top of it all that I am! haha. Raleigh is turning another year older soon and I remembered I never got around to posting this party we threw for her last year. It was so fun to put together I didn't want to put off posting about it any longer.

I love putting together parties for my kids that are all about them--things they're into, what they love or talk about most, their favorite colors, etc. It's always been natural and fun for me to come up with putting together an event that's well themed and pretty and getting to do that for my kids now is by far the best!

Raleigh has been a little dancer ever since she could start walking. Always into music, boppin her head or singing at the top of her lungs! It's one of my favorite things about her, how much she loves listening to good tunes or can come up with a beat, lyrics and creative dance moves at the drop of a hat. So it was only perfectly fitting to throw a ballerina themed party for her 5th birthday last year. Being a ballerina was especially popular in our household over the past couple years since the girls started their first ballet class (and umm, toddlers in ballet is probably the cutest thing ever!).

The funnest part of the party was surprising Raleigh with some real ballerinas to come over and teach all the kids a little "ballet recital" they could all do together for the parents at the end of the party. The smile on her face when she saw them show up was priceless! The kids made ballerina wands, ate cake, and had a game of "ballerina says" in addition to an impromptu dance party all before the party ended. It was a sweet time celebrating our oldest girl and watching her glow with that beautiful smile of hers was the best part of it all. 

I always say that parties don't have to be a ton of money or over elaborate to make it special (although my husband might say I go overboard every now and then, haha). But making it all about their personality and celebrating who they are is what the theme should always be about. My goal is always to make each of my kids feel known and special in their own way as they grow up weather its through giving them special dates or asking them questions or throwing them a party. I love that each year brings more ways of seeing more of their uniqueness unfold and gives me new and better ways to celebrate them. 

Now I'm off to plan her SIXTH birthday party in another fun way! :)

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