September 19, 2019

Simple DIY Fairy Crown

I had so many questions about these crowns I made for the twins birthday party that I decided to make it into a blog post tutorial for those that would like to create one for themselves. The fun thing about this is that it was simple AND cheap, making it a sweet way to bring a little personal touch into the theme of the party for them. So here it is...

What you will need:
-ribbon (any size, color or texture depending on the look you are going for
-thin floral wire, mine is gold so it went well with the colors I was using (found at any craft store)
-brown twig floral wire (found mine at Walmart)
-fake flowers (again, found at any craft store. I grabbed mine from the dollar store! score!)

-Take your "twig" wire or whatever your base wire is for the crown and size it around the head, leaving a little extra on the end to wrap and secure together
-form the wire in a circle shape and wrap the ends together "tying" them together to secure
-once secured together, take your ribbon and cut them into the length you want them to hang down once they are tied onto your crown. 
-simply tie as many ribbons as you want onto the back of your crown
for this I tied all the ribbon over the part of the wire I secured together so it would hide that part a bit more
-optional: you can also take another piece of ribbon and wrap it around your wire to add a little more color and texture to the wire if you want
-once all your ribbon is tied on, take your faux flowers and cut off as many pieces as you'd like to place on your crown. 
for this step I cut the stem a bit longer so I had enough of it to be secured on with the gold wire. 
-Next, take your gold or thinner floral wire and tightly wrap the base/stem part onto the crown where you want it placed. Once you have the wire wrapped all the way, you can maneuver your flower a bit to make it stay where you want on your crown. 
-repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the look of your crown! 

I can't wait to see how you make yours! Tag me on Instagram so I can see your creations. And with halloween right around the corner it makes for a perfect way to throw together a last minute costume idea!

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